The DDS All-In-One Solution ℠

The DDS All-In-One Solution ℠ – What is it?

Are you tired of dentures that flop around and will not stay in one place? Are you sick of dealing with crumbling, painful teeth? DDS can offer you a second start at a brilliant, pain-free smile with The DDS All-In-One Solution ℠. This procedure can rebuild an entire mouth of teeth one arch at a time and give you the chewing ability and confident smile you have been missing. What is even better? You can get your new smile permanently placed all in one day. How? The procedure uses the bone you already have and state-of-the-art dental implant technology to secure your new smile. Cone Beam CTs (3-D x-rays) are taken for every procedure to ensure you receive the quality care you deserve. To learn more about the procedure, click the link. And our always affordable pricing lets you know that you are getting the most value from this amazing procedure.

A Fixed Hybrid, the technical term for The DDS All-In-One Solution ℠, uses either high quality zirconia or a titanium/acrylic base with the acrylic teeth to provide a long lasting smile that will lock into place. Your dentist will help you decide which material is best for you. In fact, once these are locked in, only your dentist can remove them so there is no worry that it will pop out at the most inopportune time. While a temporary smile can be placed in one day, the fixed hybrid will take multiple appointments and follow-up lasting up to a year. However, the results are life-changing! Learn more about these appointments below.

Benefits of The DDS All-In-One Solution ℠:
  • Faster treatment period
  • Minimal bone needed
  • Lower cost than traditional methods
  • Improvement to quality of life in a short amount of time

Only offered at Participating Locations. Call your local DDS office to determine if this procedure is right for you.

A New Smile in Just a Day?

Absolutely! The DDS All-In-One Solution ℠ is completed in just one day. You will already have come in for a planning session with the provider. On the day of the treatment, you will walk out of the office with a new set of teeth. These, however, will be temporary and they will almost certainly be fixed in place on dental implants unlike a denture. Your new secured smile will allow you to immediately begin smiling again…well at least after the numbness goes away. And so begins a transitional six-month period, from eating and chewing the soft foods you can, to eating and chewing the foods you want! Enjoy your meals again, free from pain or embarrassment. After the transitional six-month period, you will receive a final hybrid and then it’s just a matter of routine maintenance and upkeep.

What to Expect


During the initial consult appointment, your doctor will take 3D x-rays and make custom models of your mouth to determine if you are a candidate for The DDS All-In-One Solution ℠. Using your 3D x-ray and custom models, your doctor will be able to plan out each step of the procedure and determine if you have satisfactory bone and health. Then a trained consultant will then walk you through the procedure and financing while answering any questions you may have in a relaxed atmosphere. The doctor you consult with will be “your doctor” and will be with you through the entire process. No hopping from office to office with a different doctor every appointment. Just one familiar face that already knows your story…every time.

Day of Procedure

On the procedure day, your doctor will be joined by a Certified Lab Technician. The two will have already planned out your new smile step by step and will be working together to ensure the best possible outcome for you. Typically, this is a half-day appointment, where you will be provided a temporary new smile that is almost always locked into dental implants placed that day. For those anxious at the dental office, mild sedatives are offered to better your overall experience.

Post-Procedure Appointments

Your doctor will specify when and how many appointments are needed to check in with you during healing. These are to evaluate healing and consult with you on any issue you may have with adjusting to your new teeth. It is important for you to know that your doctor will be guiding you through the entire process to ensure an exceptional result.

Generally six months after your procedure day, your implants and gum tissues will have healed to the point they are ready to lock in your new permanent smile. Your doctor will need a final impression to do this to generate new custom models that will be used to make the final smile!

Your new smile will be zirconia or an acrylic hybrid reinforced with a titanium bar, whichever option you and your doctor decide is optimal for your oral health. They both offer significant strength and cleanse ability. You will want to try in the zirconia bridge or hybrid with bar to ensure fit and pleasing aesthetics before its permanently placed. This is the perfect time to adjust fit, tooth size, shape or placement as applicable.

Final Smile Delivery

The day you have been waiting for! This is the day to say goodbye to your temporary smile (which looks incredible too) and say hello to your even better, permanent new you! Go out to dinner, smile at the waiter/waitress, and take new family photos! Feel confident again eating, speaking, and living. Smile, you will feel better!

Hygiene and Care

Just like your natural teeth, The DDS All-In-One Solution ℠ will need daily cleaning by you. This can usually be achieved by using a simple water pick twice daily. And also just like your natural teeth, they will need professional cleanings by your hygienist. We recommend you come in twice a year to have the appliance removed by your dentist and have the implants and the teeth cleaned by professionals. Remember, implants are meant to be a permanent tooth loss solution, but only with the proper care and clearing.


DDS works with programs that can provide higher quality financing than even some banks can provide. By working with these organizations, you are able to find financing for the quality dentistry you can afford. Zero interest plans available for 6-18 months in most locations; low interest (12.9-14.9% usually) for extended plans with 24 to 84 month periods, all WAC. Learn more about our partners below:

Lending Club


Wells Fargo


Does it hurt?

Your doctor will take the time necessary to get and keep you comfortable during and after the procedure. While you will likely feel pressure, you will not feel sharp or cutting pain. Anxiety medication and sedative prescriptions are available on request to medically-acceptable candidates.

Will I be asleep?

Currently, at DDS offices we do not provide IV sedation (no needles). We do however provide nitrous gas and sedative prescriptions to those who are candidates in order to ensure a pleasant and virtually pain-free experience. Just ask!

Will I walk out with teeth that day?

Absolutely! With our highly qualified doctors and technicians on the case, you can rest assured that they are working hard for an exceptional outcome. In almost all cases, your new smile will be locked into place the day you leave. In rare cases of poor bone quality or other circumstances, a temporary denture can be used during the healing period after which your permanent smile will be securely fixed in your mouth.

What will my diet be like after the procedure?

It is recommended that most patients start off with a diet of soft foods and over a period of a few weeks work into the foods that may be more difficult to chew. Ask your doctor for a list of recommended foods for the initial phases of healing. After you are fully healed, you should be able to eat what you wish.

How many doctors will I see?

Just one and all in one location. Although trained and qualified, our doctors are general practitioners, which means they are not specialists and therefore they oversee all aspects of your care. This includes the initial surgery, the placement of implants, and the securing of your final, permanent smile.

How do I know if I am a candidate?

While most patients are candidates, there are a few who may not be. If you have implants already, you still may not be a candidate for this procedure. Ask your primary care physician if you are a candidate for surgery or schedule a consult with us today! We can answer any general, clinical or financial questions you may have.

How long will I need to heal?

Typically, healing takes six to eight months depending on overall health, habits and bone quality.

How long does the entire process take?

The entire restorative process from first appointment to last takes around eight months but the main procedure is done in less than a day. In one day, you can have a new smile!

What are my new teeth made out of?

Your new smile will be made of zirconia or top-of-the-line, multi-layered acrylic (PMMA) teeth. These are built to create exceptional esthetics that will last! The acrylic teeth are hard enough to give you the biting function you want, while soft enough not to wear down any natural teeth that you may be keeping. It’s just the right balance. The gum portion of the acrylic prosthetic is made from highly polished acrylic to create a natural look and it is reinforced with a titanium bar giving it strength and rigidity. But don’t worry, the bar cannot be seen when you smile, given it is covered by the gum-colored acrylic and the realistic, white teeth.